The death of Ryan Dunn has Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the “Jackass” crew mourning the loss of one of their own. As we previously reported, Ryan Dunn died in a car accident and now his friends and colleagues are speaking out via Twitter. PHOTOS: Ryan Dunn Accident Scene MTV took to Twitter to […]


Chris Brown leaks a new track from his upcoming record ‘F.A.M.E.’ due March 22nd, and this one’s a ‘Bomb.’ The song is featured on the deluxe version of the album and finds Breezy tapping Wiz Khalifa for the club-ready joint.  PHOTOS: Chris Brown Is The Comeback Kid  The beat is courtesy of Free School and […]


Sami Samir Hassoun, 22, is a resident alien from Lebanon, coming to the country a few years ago. He lives above a series of stores in the 4700-block of N. Kedzie. Those who know Hassoun said he seemed like a pretty typical 22-year-old. They said he liked to date and considered becoming a doctor. The […]


Instead of the World Cup ending in celebration it ended in terror, Somali Islamic militants carried out a twin suicide bombing in the Ugandan capital Kampala killing 64 people. At least 71 people were hospitalized, police spokeswoman Judith Nabakooba said. According to CNN the casualties included one American death, the U.S. Embassy said. The American […]


Times Square attempted bomber, Faisal Shahzad, pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The Pakistan-born U.S. citizen Shahzad pleaded guilty Monday to the attempted use of weapons of mass destruction in the failed Times Square car bombing last May. Shahzad told the judge that he wanted it known that unless the U.S. stops […]


**UPDATE** An all-clear has been given after authorities investigated a suspicious package left in front of a hotel in Times Square. False alarm in Times Square, turns out someone left a white cooler laying on the street, no evacuations have been ordered from buildings, but workers were told to stay indoors as the police responded. […]


**UPDATE** Check out audio from the audio from LiveATC.net, which monitors air traffic control communications. ‘I have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately so make the left turn when able,’ says the controller. ‘I don’t know exactly why but you can call your company for the reason.’ ‘We’re trying to […]

<p>Bomb blast In Moscow :’FEMALE SUICIDE BOMBERS KILL 38 IN MOSCOW’ ,Two female suicide bombers blew themselves attack on 2 metro passenger train during pick-over on Monday, Killing at least 38 people and wounding 63.</p>

<p>In a massive explosion of Moscow Bombing, which rocked the Moscow City and created panic among citizens, about 40 people have been killed. It is expected that</p>

<p>Police sources suspect the blast that was carried out in the Moscow subway’s Park Kultury station could be a female bomber.<br /><br />"Parts of the body found at the scene allow us to say that it was a woman, according to preliminary information, an explosive device equivalent to 500 grams to 2 kg of TNT […]

<p>Joe Biden F Bomb Video: Shouldn&rsquo;t we call it Vice President Bomb Video as Joe Biden our dear Vice President drops most famous F-Bomb of the season. The 9</p>

<pre id="line35"><span class="attribute-value">Joe Biden F Bomb, This Is A Big F***Ing Deal, If you think, Joe Biden used the<br />F bomb by mistake or by slip of tongue, Joe Biden was right.</span></pre>