The band is back together, recording their next album. To celebrate, we created a list of 16 sultry Sade tracks. Check it out inside.

We’ve all been complaining about the weather for a really, really long time. In fact, here in NYC, we’re so ecstatic about it being 70 degrees this weekend, we’re literally counting down the days. But nobody—I repeat, nobody—is as tired of the cold, rain, and snow as Fox 17 weather reporter Garry Frank is. And […]

When it comes to athletics, it has been proven throughout history that Black folks are usually ahead of the curve in speed and style. The advances are sometimes so obvious that it forces officials to change the rules to certain things. That was the case in 1998 when French Figure Skater Surya Bonaly did a […]

It’s real out here in these wintery streets, and if you’re not careful, you’re in for a lot of slip ups. Tim Besecker found this out the hard way when he made an epic slide down a blanket of ice in his driveway. Luckily, he wasn’t injured and he took the glide with humor. The […]

2017 has been full of Supermoons, retrogrades and UFO sightings — so it comes as no surprise to many that this year’s winter Solstice is a special phenomenon in its own right. Before you start getting yourself worked up about the inconvenience of the cold weather that comes with the Winter season, check out these […]

Snow has hit the south once again and it’s put one group of New Orleans dancers in a good mood. Check out Skip and Ya Boy Big Choo drop that holiday bounce right in the middle of snowfall.

The wintery weather is just getting started and already people are starting to wrap up. One Eastern European knitwear brand named Dukyana is super prepared for people who want to stay layered during the season. Check out their full-body tube scarf below. Yup, it’s that serious. The scarf is currently available for pre-order and it […]

The rapper took to Instagram to share video footage of himself slipping on ice and falling down a flight of porch steps into the snow.

If you’re in the Midwest or the Northeast and slushing through that icy stuff on the ground, thank Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog for seeing his shadow (HOW SWAY? It’s overcast!) and predicting six more weeks of winter. Great. Read about the Groundhog Day tradition here… [WashPost] A 3-year-old Albuquerque toddler who was looking for an iPad […]