Tough break for WNBA legend Chamique Holdsclaw! After assaulting her girlfriend and allegedly firing a gun at her car last year, the basketball player has been hit with criminal charges that might land her behind bars for six decades. According to TMZ: According to the police report, 35-year-old Holdsclaw attacked Lacy’s car with a baseball […]

Maya Moore is taking her talents to the WNBA after an amazing basketball career at the University of Connecticut where she won two National Championships with the Huskies. Maya was selected #1 overall by the Minnesota Linx in this year’s WNBA draft and the sports world can’t wait to see how successful she’ll be on […]


Sometimes the remix is better than the original. Sometimes the cover is better than the original. In this case, we have the latter with The Saturdays acoustic cover of tween heartthrob, pop sensation Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby‘. Justin Bieber is the tween mega-star of the moment, with his hit single ‘Baby’ becoming the most downloaded digital […]

July 6th, 2009 Back home from being on the road, Jillian and I meet up at the airport. It’s all regular conversation until… I get a call to look on a website that has pictures of Puff’s (aka Diddy) July 4th (when I still was his girl) all white party, from a friend who was […]

Ok, now we are back on… lol … and off… and back on…and off… and back on… lmfao.  Now we are in May. Mr. SM is back in the picture pleading his love for me. Conversation way more deep. Talking about having a family with me, and actually planning it! Turning our on and off […]

For those of you who have followed my career as a video/print model, you know of my past relationships…forget all of that shit ‘cause I’ve got some new life stories to tell ya!!!! You know I always keep it 100 with you guys, I don’t sugar coat anything. So here is my first of many […]