Do your relatives a favor and come up with a few questions that don't make us cringe. Read 10 questions to avoid asking during the holidays.

It’s like an unspoken thing in millennial culture (or every generation for that matter) that once you finish school, the best places to start your life and get a good job is New York City or Los Angeles. Whether you’re an aspiring actress or a veteran bartender, NY and LA have been force fed to […]

CEO Buys Employee A Car After Hearing He Walked 20 Miles For His First Day Walter Carr, an Alabama college student, whose car broke down the day before his first day of work at his new job decided to make the 20 mile trip on foot because he couldn’t secure a ride. Hours before his […]

Offset pays it forward by buying a car for the man that saved him after his car accident.

It was all good two years ago...recapture their spark with this juicy moment from 2016.

Tuesdays at work can be a drag, especially when you’re in New York and it’s a cloudy, rainy 43-degree day in Spring. It’s no wonder, Twitter got the hashtag #WorksFunWhen started—we need some pointers on how to live our best lives in the office…not now, but RIGHT NOW. Hit the flip.

Bill O’Reilly and Sean Spicer set off a social media firestorm on Tuesday after both men publicly disrespected two prominent and successful black women. FOX news commentator O’Reilly said he couldn’t focus on a word that Rep. Maxine Waters said in a clip shown on Fox & Friends because he was looking at her “James Brown wig.” […]

Seemingly always on the go, Rihanna's next venture is the cover of British Vogue Magazine, where she'll be announcing a collaboration with Manolo Blahnik.

Keke Palmer continues to give us more reasons to love her. The 22-year-old is steadily showing the world she’s a triple threat that acts, sings, and dances. In the latest of her dancing chronicles, Palmer returns with a choreographed video to Rihanna and Drake‘s number one hit, “Work.” While Keke puts in work, smoke fills the […]

Rihanna has released the long-awaited video for her ANTI single, “Work.”