Zachary “Zac” Hartwell was buried yesterday, after being killed early Monday morning when a speeding car driven by his friend, reality TV star Ryan Dunn, crashed on Route 322 near Pottstown Pike in West Goshen.   The standing-room-only crowd inside DellaVecchia, Reilly, Smith & Boyd Funeral Home on the 400 block of North Church Street listened […]

Ryan Dunn and Zachary Hartwell died tragically in a car crash on Monday morning while driving Ryan’s Porsche 911 GT3 at over 130 MPH.  PHOTOS: Ryan Dunn’s Death Reunites The “Jackass” Crew The car accident left the destroyed Porsche 911 GT3 completely mangled and distorted and was spotted in a nearby tow yard this afternoon. […]

It’s nothing new that celebs love to vacation. The more exotic and expensive the better. Most celebs go all out when it comes to their down time. A hotel for $5,000 a night is nothing, and chartering a yacht for $20,000 a weekend is the norm. From Diddy to Mariah Carey, and most recently the […]


Wow, where do I start? So many great things happened within the last week while I visited Wimbledon, London to support my close friends Venus & Serena Williams, during Wimbledon Championships at the All England Club! Let me first say, this trip was not your average journey out of the country; on my behalf it […]

Santa Claus, Indiana We found Santa! Santa Claus, Indiana is a small town located in Southwest Indiana. The residents live in a gated community called Christmas Lake Village. This town has the only post office in the world named Santa Claus. The popular post office, “Santa Clause” receives thousands of letters addressed to Mr. Claus […]

The final episode of Basketball Wives, Season 1 aired Sunday and I must say, what an incredible experience it has been! Filming the show was different than anything I had ever done and that was exciting but the real amazing part for me is all the support the show has received!  I am extremely thankful […]

Lady Gaga and an attractive female companion were spotted on a yacht off the island of St. Tropez. The singer and her lady friend were rolling around together as they soaked up some sun on the boat. Lady Gaga’s sexuality has been in question since the day she reached fame. These photos only leave us […]

<p>Which is the best place for adventures in the world? Guess? The right answer is &ldquo;India&rdquo;. India is one of the special lands in this planet that has been bestowed with such nparalleled natural beauty. Sky beating Himalayas in the north, lush blue Indian Ocean in the south, warm Thar in the west and the […]

<p>Motorhome Aires de Service are a network of stopping places specifically designed for motor homes or camping cars as the French call them. In most instances they are run by the local town council or &lsquo;Mairie&rsquo; but there are also private Aires, auto route Aires, Aires within the proximity of campsites, Aires de Stationement (an […]

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