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Wow, where do I start? So many great things happened within the last week while I visited Wimbledon, London to support my close friends Venus & Serena Williams, during Wimbledon Championships at the All England Club! Let me first say, this trip was not your average journey out of the country; on my behalf it was more like an educational excursion. I found myself on more than one occasion; being “enlightened” by various things including individuals in London’s, everyday culture, certain foods, mannerisms and their personal hygiene and let me just say, the stench that saturated my nostrils was NOT one to be appreciated nor savored. The majority of the people over there SMELL just plan FUNKY like animals in the ZOO! “I often found myself, double checking my own, arm pit in order to make sure I was fresh!” the different elements of personal hygiene and all that comes with it, varies from different cultures, so I will not dwell on the “SMELL”, so I won’t offend any of my new found friends in London!  

Anyway my teammate Fred Evans joined me during my trip to London, along with my personal assistant and publicist! I met some of my other “Hanging buddies” who were there prior to my arrival; including Carlos who is currently Venus’s agent, my friend Frank and a few of my other “homies!” Every day was amazing; our nights were filled with clubs, and attending special events whereas my days were among those of “Sight seeing,” eating fine cuisine at different bistro’s in South London and shopping; which OF COURSE was not a easy task for me seeing that I wear a 18 shoe! (LOL)


I spent a lot of time with my close friend Isha who is one of Venus and Serena’s sisters. Isha was basically my “walking talking” tour guide to everything! During the week, we all took a very LAST minute trip to Paris. We caught the last afternoon train to Paris. We were literally out of breath when arrived to our seats. It was HILARIOUS; imagine me sprinting through the train station!

Now, I am not going to lie, I liked London and everything but the part of London that I was staying in was very quit and reserved, more on a conservative level; with that being said let me just say when I arrived in PARIS, I knew that Paris was my kind of city. It was all lights camera action as soon as I stepped foot off of the train. I could tell this was more my speed, the people were fast talkers, movers and shakers, everyone looked as though they were in a rush to go somewhere. (LOL) Rap music played outside in selected areas of Paris, there was profanity on their live radio stations. Everyone I looked at had their entire tongue down someone’s throat and more so basically it was x-rated if you get my DRIFT!

I stayed in Paris; one day, partied the night away with NO SLEEP and returned to Wimbledon just in time to sit with my friends the entire immediate Williams family to cheer on Serena! As you know she WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you know the after party was in was intense in a major way!


Also, I attended the Jay Z “Wireless Festival” in Hyde Park. The energy was “indescribable” a lot of fellow athletes and celebrities were among myself rapping the lyrics to our favorite Jay –Z tunes, eating, and networking!

All in this entire