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Hey Everyone!!!!

I just woke up and read the news so I’m celebrating today! If you have seen my show or follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you know by now that I am a big ball of fun that LOVES to Party! Waking up everyday in itself is a life celebration to me!  I always try to start my days off with a smile because I know that every minute in life, is a precious moment that I should not take for granted. I am truly blessed! I LOVE my job, I love to entertain all my fans,  and most of all, am humbled by my growing numbers of followers on Twitter that I now call the ‘TILA ARMY!’ That reminds me that I am doing my job well! Life is Good! =)

Believe it or not, there are still times when I am in awe at how much a difference my little words can make!  I can’t BELIEVE how many people care about what I have to say which is why Russell Simmons @unclerush,  called me today to remind me.  @UncleRush has always been my hero and I respect him so much!  So the fact that my hero calls me to tell me that I have an obligation and an important role in reaching out to others amazes me!  He explained that while its fine to be all about fun, with that many eyes and ears focused on me I should continue to use it to educate and bring attention to what matters to me. I mean, I AM in the same league apparently as my hero, Michelle Obama after all!!!!

So, as a proud and openly bi-sexual girl, I was thrilled to see the news yesterday that President Obama will sign a presidential memorandum extending benefits to gay partners of federal employees.

I want to applaud him and tell him that the GLBT community is waiting for more good work from him on our behalf.  I am watching you President Obama and I hope you are reading this! You have put a big smile on many people’s faces today, including mine! Today is a good day! Let’s celebrate this! Celebrate life! YES WE CAN! =)