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Beyonce and Halle Berry, both seem to be fans of the brand Wildfox, which is sold here on GG. Known famously for there catch phrase logo tees and all around town cotton pants, the fairly new brand has managed to pick up two HUGE indirect celebrity endorsements! Wildfox Couture is a vintage American inspired knitwear brand that combines great style and quality in each design. The theme of the brand is ‘Soft, Baggy Bright and Fun‘, clothing for everyone!

Halle Berry was spotted leaving an office building in LA wearing the zipper legging pants that are now on sale. Beyonce dined with hubby Jay-Z in NYC this weekend, wearing a collection Tshirt, that is not available until fall 2010. Take a look at the two foxy women sporting WildFox Couture.

Halle Berry in Wildfox Pants

Wildfox Zipper Leggings


Halle Berry in Wildfox Sweatshirt

Wildfox Vampire Sweatshirt 


Beyonce in Wildfox in Marie Antoinette Tee


Beyonce wearing Wildfox Ice Cream Babe tee



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