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Most of my posts have been bringing you new remixes and mashups, but this one is going to show you songs that should not be touched. One of my posts featured on many remixes and deciding if they were better or worse than the original, but this one will tell you which songs a remix would never work for.

I personally like most remixes unless they do something totally unnecessary to the song or make it sound totally different that you do not recognize it. But there are also some songs that are so good that there should only be one version of it, the one that was perfected and needs no changing.

For the rest of this post I will give you a few examples of a song and then a remix of it that is not very good. I want to know what you think so leave comments and tell me if you agree with my decisions and which other songs you would put on this list. Always check back for more from Hip Hop Jesse.



Here is the original of DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love by Usher featuring Pitbull. This is an example of a song that should not be touched because while some people might not like it, it still is a very solid song and I can’t even imagine what a remix would do to it. The one thing that definitely cannot be changed is the beat because it is a great party beat and there is not one person who wouldn’t like it.

Now listen to a remix of it.

Now you can see how this remix ruined the song. It completely changed the feel of the song by making it slower and making the beat slower. They changed the beat to a more club kind of beat, but it just doesn’t go with the song. The song is made to be a semi-fast song and the original is most definitely better because it has the right beat to go with the voices and should never have another version made of it.



My second example of a song that should not be touched is Hey Soul Sister by Train. It has been a hot song for a while and still is. Almost everybody has heard it on the radio or anywhere else, and once they hear it they immediately put it on their ipod! It is a very calm song, while still being