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Hello GlobalGrind: It’s @NickCannon

With all success, there is sacrifice. 

I don’t know what a vacation is. Every weekend I’m in a different city doing stand up and being on the road. When I’m on the road I stay connected with my wife Skype, my Ipad, email, any way we can communicate. As you grow in life the things you thought mattered don’t really matter anymore. What if I’m not here anymore, what are people going to say?


It was more than just how much money you have made, it is how you affected the world. It’s knowing that all the fame and money and all that stuff going to be taken away. It’s always going to be the same hustle and the same grind no matter where I’m at or what I achieve. I am always going to want more.

I used to get my sneakers at the grocery store. I grew up in North Carolina and then California.  NC had a discount store where they sell everything. You used to have to get whatever they had in the shoe barrel aisle. Those are the things that keep you grounded because all of that can be taken away tomorrow.


When I look to people I would want to emulate, I think of Sammy Davis Jr. He was a trailblazer for his time and he was great all around entertainer. He really helped pave the way for everyone. Also, Russell Simmons. He is one person that I want to emulate. I try to sit and get as much wisdom from him as possible.


I hear stories all the time, of kids saying ‘I wouldn’t have been doing this if it weren’t for your show’, or if it weren’t for the Halo Awards where we give out scholarships and grants.

Aside from Nightlife, I’m also busy with my record label, Incredible Records. Aaron Fresh is signed to it. It’s more of me getting out there and giving people the opportunity to achieve their dream. You can never forget where you came from and lend a hand and lift somebody up to the same place if you can.


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