Rihanna was spotted out in New York City last night, September 27, leaving her hotel to check out the nightlife the city has to offer. While out Rihanna did her best to stay dry from the rain wearing a camouflage jacket. While in New York Rihanna is filming her latest music video for her song, […]

Hello GlobalGrind: It’s @NickCannon With all success, there is sacrifice.  I don’t know what a vacation is. Every weekend I’m in a different city doing stand up and being on the road. When I’m on the road I stay connected with my wife Skype, my Ipad, email, any way we can communicate. As you grow […]

Hey GlobalGrind: It’s @NickCannon My wife always makes breakfast for me. People can’t imagine Mariah cooking but no matter what time of day it is when I come home she always has food prepared for me, usually steak and eggs or steak and baked potatoes. I’m a carnivore so I’m always eating steak. She’s amazing. […]

So I’m here @Jayde_Nicole to blog about something I know best 🙂 LA nightlife. www.jaydenicole.com LA is like no other place in the world when it comes to it’s night life. With the life span lasting only a couple months to a year, it seems like there is a new club opening every other week lol. […]


After almost 6 months delay, Roberto Cavalli is proudly announced the opening of the Cavalli Club, a unique place for relaxation and enjoyment that offers a very innovative schedule of light lunch, lunch, aperitif, pre-dinner, dinner and disco set; truly catering to the guests and allowing the experience of a luxury Club from day to […]