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My wife always makes breakfast for me. People can’t imagine Mariah cooking but no matter what time of day it is when I come home she always has food prepared for me, usually steak and eggs or steak and baked potatoes. I’m a carnivore so I’m always eating steak. She’s amazing.

I feel thankful and blessed for my wife. She is the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out. Someone like her is truly just an angel. I’m in a situation that you have to be ready for. When the opportunity came I knew I wanted to go for it. Men need to get all the foolishness out of their system before they are ready to stay true.

Being married allows me to focus more. When you have somebody that’s your lifelong companion that allows you to zone in. All the other stuff you thought was important doesn’t really matter anymore. Your priorities change.


I always feel like I’ve been an ambassador for the youth. We know what’s hot what’s not and what’s the next thing coming. We spend a lot of time talking to young people. My new show, The Nightlife is a show for teens on TeenNick. The idea of it is to try to create a destination for teens. I wanted to have something for an established brand where we represent youth empowerment. I felt that there is really nothing on television for young people to see videos and dance and such.

I am lucky enough to run the network (TeenNick) so I was able to create the show. Being the fact that I control everything that deals with teens on the network and being the youngest television executive out there, I need and want my network to represent the youth. I wanted it to be for the teens and by the teens, something where they have their own destination to make decisions.


It’s more about giving kids experience firsthand in their living rooms instead of having to go out and sneak in the club. It’s to keep them positive and off the streets.
A lot of people see your fame and want to emulate that, but they forget the struggle it took to be a smart teen. They just see the finished product not the grind it took to get there. We all have had our hurdles, it is just figuring out how to jump over them, staying positive and seeing the bigger picture is what it’s all about.

-Nick Cannon | Follow me @NickCannon

TUNE IN for the first installment of The Nightlife on Thursday, August 5th at 9:30pm, including an appearance by Ice Cube, musical performance by Aaron Fresh, and dance segment with New Boyz

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