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Yoseph Robinon ,34, of Brooklyn, NY, by way of Jamaica was an up and coming hip hop star and then drastically changed his life and became an orthodox Jew. Robinson lived an interesting life to say the least. 

Robinson was gunned down Thursday night when he tried to protect his girlfriend, who was being robbed of her jewelry at gunpoint, police and witnesses said. Yoseph took numerous slugs in the chest and arm and died behind the counter of MB Vineyards, a kosher liquor store in Midwood, police said.

‘The girl came running out screaming, and I saw him on the floor. She said, ‘They shot Yoseph!’ said a witness who identified himself as Daniel. ‘She was with him as he was dying. … He told her, ‘Tell my daughter I love her.”

A holdup man entered the Nostrand Ave. store about 9:30 p.m. and went after the young woman – identified by friends as Lahava – but were confronted by Robinson, police said.


Friends said Lahava, who was helping Robinson write a book, told them she was joking around and laughing with him when the thug demanded her bling.

Robinson yelled, ‘Leave her alone’ and approached the man. A struggle broke out, and he was shot, said Daniel, recounting Lahava’s harrowing tale.

‘Yoseph saved me,’ a badly shaken and weeping Lahava told friends outside the store.