It was announced this week that the third season of VH1's Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition will premiere November 28!

Last night on #LHHH, Ray J tricked Safaree into spilling some hot tea...and it was brilliant.

Security Video Of Safaree Being Robbed Released Video of the Safaree being robbed has been released by TMZ. According to them : In the video  you see Safaree next to his vehicle in a parking garage in a red fur coat, when 2 men who appear to be lying in wait run up on him […]

Ever since the internet saw what Safaree is working with down under, the running joke goes a little something like “Oh, so that’s why Nicki Minaj stayed with him for 12 years.” It turns out, there may be some truth to the shade. According to TMZ, Safaree admits “Nicki used to always say to him — […]

All the ladies are fawning over leaked photos of Nicki Minaj’s ex and Love and Hip Hop star, Safaree “SB” Samuels. We won’t tell you what the pics were of, but let’s just say they’re quite the conversation starter and we can see why Nicki stuck around for 12 years. Although their relationship is long […]

After Gatorade refused to cut the check, Safaree took matters into his own hands via Instagram.

  Nicki Minaj graced the cover of Paper Magazine’s “Break The Internet” Edition and revealed the racy pic via social media on Thursday. Everybody and they mama was here for Minaj’s NSFW cover, including her rumoured boo Nas who couldn’t stop commenting under her pics.   But it’s Nicki’s ex Safaree who really had […]

  A few years ago, it felt as if you couldn’t turn on the radio, tv or social media without seeing/hearing about Nicki Minaj.  Over the last eight years, the YMCMB Barb has been making headlines for topping charts, breaking records, and being one of few female emcee’s who helped hip hop cross over to the […]   There aren’t many shows that the Internet genuinely likes right off bat, but VH1’s new show Scared Famous changed the game. The the thrilling show, presented and hosted by Redman, features 10 reality stars competing in horror themed challenges inside a haunted house in Savannah, Georgia for a $100,000 prize.   Black […]

  Safaree Samuels may have gotten himself in some hot water after his interview with Complex’s Everyday Struggle. See what the reality star has to say about his ex Nicki Minaj falling off and whether or not the Barb is threatened by Cardi B‘s success. Nicki probably won’t like this. Check out the full video […]