Caleb McLaughlin talks with Men’s Health about his training and conditioning routine as he prepared for his role in Shooting Stars.

The right foods can change your life for the better.

More than 80 million Americans are prediabetic and don’t even know it.  Researchers with the Mayo Clinic state prediabetes occurs when your blood sugar level is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  It is a cause for concern because it is could be considered the beginning of […]

Happy Men’s Health Month! Did you know that these Male stars were vegetable loving vegans? Check it out below.

Sometimes you gotta just leave them at home.

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Idris Elba looks perfect on the cover of "Men's Health."

On the cover of Men’s Health magazine, Kevin Hart is a small guy with big muscles and even bigger goals. Even though he’s always looking ahead to become a household name—because he’s not famous, he’s “black famous,” he says—he knows he’s a “big goddamn deal.” Inside the March issue, The Wedding Ringer actor tells all about his workout routine, […]

    What’s up, GlobalGrind readers? This month I’m taking it back to CBS Morning Show’s “Live on the Couch” with my man Anchorman John Elliot on the “Fit Minute.” This time around we are doing partner ab training called Leg Lifts. Now before you watch the video above, just know this is an ab […]

This is my new workout for you to try at home, in the gym after your weight training, or even at the office. It’s called the “Karim K’ard Game.” This cardio/endurance workout is designed to burn fat and still keep your quality muscle.  Basically, just get a deck of cards and a notepad or cardboard to […]

  Summer vacations are a time for rest and relaxation and usually include those nice lazy days, gourmet meals, cocktails and my personal favorite … SWEETS!  Whether you’re packing for a road trip BBQ, or a cruise ship, don’t let your vacation knock your eating habits off guard.  Just think maintenance.  If you’re on a weight loss program or trying to […]