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On the cover of Men’s Health magazine, Kevin Hart is a small guy with big muscles and even bigger goals. Even though he’s always looking ahead to become a household name—because he’s not famous, he’s “black famous,” he says—he knows he’s a “big goddamn deal.”

Inside the March issue, The Wedding Ringer actor tells all about his workout routine, but not before dishing out some advice. He also opens up about some of his own past mistakes, including his marriage with Atlanta Exes reality television star Torrei Hart.

On his career progression:

“I always want to show that I’m going up, not down,” he says. “I’m not pro- gressing to go backward; I’m always going forward.”


Why he reconnected with his father:

“When he finally got himself together, he didn’t harp on what he did wrong and how it wasn’t his fault,” Hart says. “It was all, ‘Okay, this happened. How can I make it better?’ He never com- plained. He never, ever complained. And I respect that. That’s all I needed.”


On getting married to Torrei too young:

“It was in no way her fault. I made too many mistakes, and we will be better apart.”


His advice to other men:

“You need to stop doing dumb shit. That’s good advice,” Hart maintains. “All guys need to hear that occasionally. I need to hear that. Doesn’t matter how old you get—if you’re a guy, you’re still tempted by dumb shit. You need somebody to tell you, ‘What the fuck is wrong with you? Sit your dumb ass down!’”

For the rest, pick up a copy of Men’s Health.


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