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The Bad Girls Club season is winding down but these girls are keeing the drama going. With two new roomates the old girls are fighting to prove who runs things and the new girls are fighting to show that they won’t back down. Add a stripper pole and some vodka to that tension and you have yourself a diabolical night in the bad girls club. Check out The Good, The Bad and Ugly of episode 9.


The Good
Bad Girl Brandi show the girls how it’s done when they take a field trip to the strip club. A natural on the pole, all the ladies have a good time watching Brandi give a good show. The ladies even indulge in a few lap dances. But the fun is killed when new girl Christina taunts Lea by calling her a lesbian.

The Bad
Lea and Kristen are still claiming to be the top dogs in the house and are not very fond of new girl Christina. After she gets sloppy drunk and makes “outlandish” claims that Lea is a lesbian, the BFF’s of the house have an emergency club house meeting and conclude it is time for the new girl to go. So the ladies resort to their trickery of pulling pranks, and starting fights.

When things come to a head Lea and Kristen decide to throw water and milk on Christina. Although they ladies think this would break the newbie she has a surprise for them.

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