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Unlike the NBA you don’t see many blockbuster trades in the NFL, but this is still a professional sport with malcontent players, ignorant GMs, and stubborn owners so blockbuster trades still happen. 

Here are the NFL’s biggest blockbuster trades of all-time.

10. Eli Manning to Giants

Eli told his pops that he didn’t want to play for the Chargers who held the top pick in the 2004 draft. Eli’s pops, Archie Manning, who was a good QB but never a winner swooped in like he was Joe Montana and orchestrated a blockbuster trade between the Chargers and Giants. The Giants swapped their 4th overall pick with the Chargers who had the 1st overall pick. The Chargers weren’t tripping, because they landed Phillip Rivers.


9. Marshall Faulk to St. Louis Rams

In the 1999 offseason, Faulk wanted to get a bit more money for his services. He felt he outplayed his rookie contract, Colts President Bill Polian didn’t think so, he shipped Faulk off to the lowly Rams as he saw Faulk as a detrimental cancer for his young squad. Faulk didn’t trip, he just landed the role as leading actor in the Greatest Show on Turf and won a Super Bowl in 1999.


8. Eric Dickerson to Indianapolis Colts 

Eric did himself in…he wanted more money and deservedly so, he was one of the top backs in the game. The Los Angeles Rams knew that at the time, but didn’t want to pay him like that. They shipped him off to the Colts in 1987, where Eric balled out…and as E.D. was accustomed to do back in his day, he asked for more cash. The Colts said, no sir, we’ll just make you inactive for 7 games in the 1990 season causing you to lose $600k. Colts baby, take that, take that. Word on the street is that when E.D. left Indy he threw his goggles at his general manger and went into the owners office and shook his jheri curl juice onto the boss’ IBM computer and short circuited that joint.


7. Terrell Owens to Baltimore Ravens then to the Philadelphia Eagles

T.O. began his antics long before you saw him crying on VH-1. He decided he didn’t want play with Jeff Garcia and his hairline any longer. So all it takes is to call your QB gay and the 49ers will give you the boot. They shipped T.O. off to Baltimore, but Owens wasn’t down for playing for a HS QB in Baltimore, he wanted to ball with his boy Donovan McNabb in Philly. Somehow someway the great Drew Rosenhaus, T.O.’s agent, got the deal done. And….umm you know the rest about T.O. in Philly.


6. Randy Moss to Minnesota Vikings

Earlier this week, the Patriots mailed their season in, when they traded Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. Tom Brady was reported as bitch slapping Bill Belichick while Wes Welker stole his hoodie. All Moss wanted was to remain a Patriot and get a re-up on his con

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