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Working for Russell means that sometimes I’m the Ringleader and other times I’m a fly on the wall. This rant is from the perspective of the latter. Sometimes I sit quietly, stewing about something that bothers me until it explodes over everyone. Well, today its hitting the gossip sites. Sorry guys! It started this morning before my first sip of OJ. Usually I wake up,  check out my facebook page,myspace, my twitter page and all the gossip sites that give me a dose of celebrity juice as satisfying as that first cup of coffee for most Americans. I admit it, I love to see the exclusive content on TMZ, the disses of Perez, the drama on YBF and the gossip of Bossip. Yum. However, that said, I do know that the majority of it is fluff and certainly focuses on the low notes rather than the high.  Yeah, that’s probably why those sites are so popular. When a celebrity gets a DUI we see it plastered everywhere but when they pose naked for Peta or travel to Africa to help bring awareness to poverty those stories are usually buried under the pile of which starlet went commando this week. I see my boss Russell make the rags immediately when he dates a new supermodel or well, goes commando on the beach (lol) but what enrages me is his high notes never get the media credit they deserve. Sometimes 99% of Russell’s time and energy is spent on less glamorous pursuits such as speaking to underprivileged youth at his office or lending his voice to a crusade for human rights. I hardly ever read about any of that on my beloved gossip sites. Shouldn’t it be as important when a celebrity uses their power for good? For example, for the last couple of days a group of 28 imams and rabbis from ten European countries arrived on NY soil (with a stop in Washington) to visit interfaith centers to break new ground on Muslim-Jewish relations and combat Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in each others communities. This is HUGE.  Just seeing a Rabbi in a Mosque is something to be applauded and respected, same goes for seeing a Muslim in a synagogue, given the history of both cultures. Russell personally, along with these Rabbis and Imams just yesterday met with the Mayor, visited City Hall hall, went to Ground Zero and on Thursday will be taking them to the White House. Those are photos worth seeing on these gossip sites.

I suppose in the end all that  matters is doing the right thing and using your time and resources to bring peace where there was war, calm where there was storm and relief where there is suffering.  I know myself, I do what I can for animal rights on a daily basis and certainly don’t need any fanfare about it.  My rewards come from within. However, sometimes when I’m reading about Lindsey Lohan’s most recent spat with Samantha Ronson (and I admit, I like to read the dirt as much as the next person) I think that there could be a healthier balance.  Sure, its great to log onto the
and read all about this particular Twinship program and to see photos of Russell wedged in between Rabbis, Imams and Muslims but to see something like that on Bossip, Perez, YSB, etc would be really something. 

I know Russell’s fans would appreciate it.  Some of you may say, who cares what’s on those kinds of sites ..well, to you I say its THOSE sites who helped elect our President.  Their numbers are high, their influence is strong and their audience is ever growing. Its those sites that like it or not have the eyes and ears of the next generation. Knowing this, don’t you think that we should care if they are showing both sides of celebrity? The scandalous and the positive? I do.  So, consider this my plea to them.  Hey, they may heed the call and then who knows, the next time Russell decides to get naked in front of a paparazzi photographer we just may get to read about how he is tryi