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Let me start off by commenting on the first blog I did recently. Even though there’s a lot of love and people by my side… I can’t believe what hatred other people hold. You know who you are…My blogs are intended to be fun, light-hearted thoughts that are on my mind. I’m not speaking for anybody but my own experience. I do not pretend or claim to be an authority on how anyone else should live their life. So why would my blog on ‘How To Keep A Man’ be controversial? Yes, my suggestions may or may not be your cup of tea but its definitely worked for me. I’m very satisfied and happy with my husband working on a decade of marriage. What I was astonished by was how many people mentioned race, like it was a black and white thing. Not once did I mention color.  This was a piece about making your man happy, why would the color of your skin have anything to do with it? I can be the color green and that still doesn’t change the way I love and care for my man.


So, lets move on to ‘How To Keep Your Women Satisfied’

Men, you may have to step your game up. If we’re willing to cater to you… you have to come back with the same efforts. Guys have the tendency to become lazy, after they so call, ‘get you’. Now is that fair? So, you want us to look nice, wear high heels, dress cute, keep our body in shape. Then when we look at you, you are sloppy, forget to put deodorant on, don’t brush your teeth or haven’t even done a sit-up in years. What happened to dressing nice for us? This shows that you still care. Believe me, I love it when Ice gets into fitted shirts and my favorite cologne, its turns me on.

So, the number #1 rule, perform with the same attention to details as when you first met.

Another big subject is to compliment your women. We’re for the most part sensitive creatures and you have to remember that. Tell her that a particular body part is out of this world, her eyes are beautiful, her skin is smooth, her hair is pretty, girls go nuts over this because it shows your still paying attention to her. All we want is to feel special!  So, rule #2, compliments will get you everywhere.

This leads to being a little romantic at times too. Yes, we know that this isn’t your strong point, thats why we don’t harp on it too long. Guys, food is the way to a woman’s heart for the most of us. Maybe get a baby-sitter for the kids and take her to a restaurant that she never been to before. That’s romantic! Leave ‘I love you notes’ in her makeup compact or anywhere you’ll know she’ll see it. That’s romantic!   Get a simple rose and leave it on her windshield. That’s romantic! See how simple this can be? Even if you don’t have much money you can still be creative on showing her your love, the ideas are endless. Just put your mind to it. That’s rule #3, show your romantic side.

I touched a moment ago on sensitivity. This plays a big role in everyday women’s life. We are emotional and men are logical. Woman like to talk, men are usually short on words. Take time to listen to your lady. We need to express our feelings, if you won’t listen to her she may seek-out someone else that will and it might not be her close girlfriend. Like I said on my last blog, “communication” and “respect” are the keys to a long lasting relationship with your women.  Rule #4, take time to listen. She needs to express herself.

As for the bedroom? Hopefully you’ve got that covered but maybe that’s another blog topic!

Now here are some pointers in keeping your love alive…

    * Wear silk boxers