Hip-hop has grown up, and Argyleculture reflects that growth. Join the movement - the Gentlemen's Movement. Because it's not just a movement, it's a lifestyle.

Russell Simmons has been known to shake up the game when things seem a little stale; and his Argyleculture brand is no different. The mogul managed to turn a traditional and formal menswear line into something cool, hip, and exciting. Argyle’s Fall 2015 collection was showcased during NYFW and not only was it the hottest […]

The year was 1992, and music mogul Russell Simmons had just launched what would become one of the biggest brands to successfully target the urban community for many years to come—Phat Farm. Fast-forward 22 years later, that community is all grown up, and so too, are the latest offerings from his Argyleculture line, what he describes as a […]

Johnny Nunez gives GlobalGrind a sneak peek behind his highly demanding, yet rewarding job as a celebrity photographer. Nunez describes his shooting style as unorthodox. He prefers to capture the moment by taking candid shots of celebrities at events instead of taking staged photos.  PHOTOS: Daniel Trepanir Talks Argyle Life As CEO of TSBmen ArgyleCulture recently […]

At just 27 years old, the self-proclaimed “Great” Scott McKenzie’s repertoire is quite an impressive one. His beginnings in the industry were young and included serving as an intern for publications such as XXL magazine and aiding stylists such as June Ambrose prior to adolescence. STORY: ArgyleCulture Is Poppin’ Up! Shop Their Exclusive Collection Now! Years […]

American. Classy. Modern. Preppy. If any of these words encompass your personal style, we have the place for you.  Just in time for a new wardrobe for the New Year, ArgyleCulture is hosting a pop-up shop, right here on GlobalGrind.com. PHOTOS: The Argyle Life: Vacation Edition For the next few weeks, you will be able to […]

Tired of the hectic city life? In desperate need of some relaxation, or perhaps a tan?! Don’t fret! We got you covered! For this inside look into the Argyle Life, we’re going to highlight some of the great points of the country of St. Maarten. The country that proudly shares a 32 square mile island […]

If you’re going to live the “Argyle” lifestyle, then it is only right that you’re up to date with the latest technology trends at hand. Below we have three of the most talked about gadgets to hit the market, specially designed to make your life just that much easier. BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry is at it […]

Argyleculture has come a long way. If you speak with some of the people who work closely with the brand, you could even say that it began with the success of Phat Farm. When Russell Simmons initially came out and cornered the urban market with the Phat Farm brand, he created a following that most […]

With a man who wears as many proverbial hats in different industries as Russell Simmons, it is hard to keep up with his next business move, but we can guarantee you, this is one you’ll want to pay attention to! The hip-hop mogul, yogi, and vegan entrepreneur is back at it with Argyleculture, and the […]