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Hip-hop would not be the force it is today without the fashion and style component of the genre.

Back in the ’70s when the cultural phenomenon was coming into its own, hip-hop artists’ flamboyant style played a huge part in the genre becoming mainstream. Russell Simmons was at the forefront of the movement, helping acts like Run-DMC create a classic and fashionable image with their adidas, hats, and chains, eventually helping the look (and the group) cross over.

The mogul’s latest line, Argyleculture, adds a refreshing twist to the clothing department. The menswear collection is a more professional look with the underlying hip-hop swag. In other words, the brand gives young, urban graduates (who looked up to the likes of Jay Z, P. Diddy, and Russell Simmons) the opportunity to trade in their Jordans for wing tips, and their gold chains for pocket squares.

Hip-hop has grown up, and Argyleculture reflects that growth. Join the movement – the Gentlemen’s Movement. Because it’s not just a movement, it’s a lifestyle.

VIDEO SOURCE: ArgyleCulture Films

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