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So, when I heard about the Night Line special “Why Can’t Successful Black Women Find A Man” I was immediately turned off. Whenever I see anything starting with “Why Can’t Black Women…,” I get defensive. Like, here’s another so-called problem that WE need to fix. But after watching the unedited, hour-long show online, I realized the title was very misleading. Hill Harper said it best, “It’s More About The Demise Of The Black Family”. Now, that I get. The Demise of The Black FAMILY. Hmmm

Now, the old school definition of a Family includes a mom and dad. However, with the times being what they are, most are forced to make due with one parent in the home. But a lot of the time, the kids are fine. Happy. After all, a family is what you make of it, and if your relationship crumbles, life goes on, right? Children still need to be raised. So, if the kids are happy, what’s the problem? Well, let’s do a little experiment. Name 10 black, happily married couples, under 35. Now name 10 people you know, under 35 that are single parents, and have never been married. Which group do you know more of? For me, yes I’ve been married for a while, but I only know of ONE other black married couple in my circle. But single parents…I know lots of those. Problem? I’m not sure. The reality is, times are hard. You do the best you can. But it does make you wonder… What happen to the Black Marriage?


How have we come to this point where Black Married couples are the MINORITY in our community? Do we as a people still LIKE each other? There’s so much resentment between the sexes. But more importantly, marriage isn’t in style anymore. THE WEDDING will always be in style. But the actual marriage isn’t. Hell, Divorce is more in style than marriage. Even in our music. When’s the last time you heard a song about marriage? Or, when’s the last time, you heard a song about LOVE? It’s been a whi