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Today’s Gear Of The Day is aimed towards an eclectic, down-to-earth, chic, sarcastic, and cool kind of person. As the month of March begins, we know you’re searching for great spring finds, as we should all be. You will like what we have to show you. You’ll definitely come across a fist full of colorful and interesting items featured here today. Platform sandals, bags for your portable devices, bright jewelry, classic funnies, and futuristic cyber scrolls are all the buzz in this installment of Global Grind’s Gear Of The Day. 

GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY: Apartment Hunting At The Pierre In Vans Vaults


Who: TopShop

What: Loretta Pink Bow Platform Sandals

Where: TopShop 

When: How about today?

GG Certified: These killer kicks are a great match for your wide legged pants, skinny jeans, tights or leggings. Its bow, platform, and pink nubuck leather details make it a fun, flirty shoe.


[pagebreak]Loretta Pink Bow Platform Sandals.[pagebreak]


Who: Dooney and Bourke

What: D&B Case For The iPad

Where: Dooney   

When: The moment you get an iPad.

GG Certified: Dooney & Bourke, well known for their handbags, has ventured into bagging your best electronics. This has got to be one of the most dashing iPad cases ever invented. The case bares a deep resemblance to a clutch bag so it will be a comely addition to your everyday style. It comes in a range of colors so chose your favorite.

[pagebreak]D&B Case For The iPad.[pagebreak]



What: Disaya Multicoloured Enamel Jewelled Cuff Bracelet

Where: ASOS 

When: On the first day of spring.

GG Certified: This bracelet, though pricey, is most certainly hardwear. The edgy, multifaceted, jewel encrusted Disaya cuff, in all its boldly enameled glory, is perfect for the rapidly approaching spring season. What more could anybody want in one piece?

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