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Creating a space where teens can express their thoughts, share their talents and collaborate with peers is exactly what CEO/Founder of, iQue, set out to do when developing his website.

Born in Brooklyn, NY by way of Philadelphia, iQue lived and breathed the hip-hop music culture, urban fashion and the arts. Just like the missions of the early hip-hop music movement, characterized with helping to reduce inner-city gang violence by replacing physical violence with music, dance and artwork battles–that crosses social barriers and cuts across racial lines, continues that legacy and transcends it beyond its original inner-city roots. iQue’s goal is to make attractive in its ability to give a voice to disenfranchised youth in any country and available to all societies worldwide.

The inspiration for rose from the 2004 iQue Magazine. Since 2004, iQue has transformed his once-paper magazine to a state-of-the-art, digital social media driven supersite. iQue sought mentorship with long-time friend and music mogul, Founder and CEO of, Russell Simmons, to create GlobalTeenTalk