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Since Harold Camping said the rapture on May 21st 2011 is real, people are going nuts thinking the end of the world is tomorrow.

So for all of those people who are running around scared that tonight will be their last day on Earth we have a bucket list of things for you to do.

Calm down, go grab a pen and paper and write down our list. If you can do these things, you’ll be totally alright when Judgement Day 2011 takes place.

First, head over to Charlie Sheen‘s house. Whatever happens we won’t remember anything in the morning anyway. Winning! No need to fear if you can’t get ahold of Charlie, we have a bunch of other things you should try your hardest to do.

Go find Oprah. If the world ends on Saturday you’re going to want to be with Oprah. Because if there is a party happening in Heaven you can be Oprah’s plus one.


If we can’t get ahold of Oprah the next person we are looking for is Martha Stewart. If she doesn’t have a plus one, at least she might have some inside information.


If we can’t get a drop of inside info on the pearly gates, at least Will Smith will keep us entertained. It just seems hard to be stressed out around The Fresh Prince.


Now we are starting to get a bit nervous, so since we don’t know how end of the world 2011 will take place, we should have Coco near by. Just in case it’s death by flooding.


Next we are heading to Robert De Niro‘s crib down in Tribeca, because he could look the Rapture 2011 right in the eyes and go, “You talking to me?”


We’re starting to become more comfortable with the inpending end of the world, so we want to make sure we are having as much fun as possible. We plan on hitting the playboy mansion with Tommy Lee.

This dude knows how to party and has already made one Playboy Bunny his wife.


After we leave the Playboy manse, we are going to look for Beyonce. Since girls run the world we figure she’s the leader, it’s probably safest around her.

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