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Rihanna took a “Man Down” in her latest video. Red hot Rihanna’s song “Man Down” had a reggae flare, which gave the Caribbean singer the idea to film the video in Jamaica.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Rihanna “Man Down” Video

Rihanna headed deep into Jamaica and shot her “Man Down” video in some of the most remote towns and locations on the island. Rihanna has previously shot Caribbean-like videos for her hit songs “Pon De Replay” and “If It’s Loving That You Want,” which both mirrored the tropics of Jamaica, but both videos were shot on sandy U.S. beaches.

WORLD PREMIERE: Rihanna “Man Down” Official Video

Rihanna wanted to capture the authenticity of Jamaica’s tropical spirit, so Rihanna insisted that “Man Down” had to be shot in Jamaica.  

RiRi isn’t the only artist who loves the tropical feel and vibe of Jamaica.

Artists like Drake, Alicia Keys and Foxy Brown all headed to the wonderful island of Jamaica to hit the sandy white beaches and party with the locals while filming their music videos.

Check out all the artists who decided to rum pum pum in Jamaica on the next few pages! 


Drake‘s “Find Your Love” video was shot in Jamaica.  


Baby Cham featuring Alicia Keys “Ghetto Story” was shot in a Jamaican shanty town. 


Rapper Shyne shot his video “Bad Boyz” in the heart of Jamaica’s crime land.  


Femcee Foxy Brown got the party poppin’ when she shot her video “Oh Yeah.” 


R&B group 112 shot their video “Na Na Na Na” in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.