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Will the best Jewish rapper please put on their yarmulke?

Rap newcomer Mac Miller playfully tweeted to his fellow Jewish rapper Drake about being the best Jewish rapper. Mac Miller, who is the self-proclaimed “coolest Jewish rapper,” always talks about being Jewish.

Rapper Drake who is half-Jewish had a bar mitzvah, just like his Jewish homie Mac Miller and even performs at bar mitzvah’s from time to time.

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Mac Miller has also announced the title of his upcoming album. In a hilarious video, Mac finally got around to announcing that his album “Blue Slide Park” will be released sometime this year. 

GlobalGrind decided to show all the Jewish rappers some love, so we rounded up all of our favorite Jewish rappers.

Check out Mac Miller’s album announcement video below!

Check out all of GlobalGrind’s favorite Jewish rappers on the next few pages! 


Pittsburgh-raised rapper Mac Miller was born to a Jewish family. 


After serving 10 years in prison, Brooklyn-based rapper Shyne converted to Judaism and is currently studying Hebrew in Jerusalem. 


Rapper Asher Roth is half Jewish and half Scottish. 


All three of the Beastie Boys are Jewish. 


MC Serch was a good rapper in the ’90s, he’s also a proud Jew. 


Rapper/producer Alchemist has worked with Mobb Deep and Prodigy. He’s also a proud member of the Jewish community.

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