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Diggy Simmons address his minions in his new video “Copy, Paste.”

For the past couple of weeks, Diggy has been giving his fans bits and pieces of his upcoming video.

Diggy first shared with his fans a few photos of him on the set of his new video and now he’s shared a quick 30-second teaser of “Copy, Paste.” 

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Stationed in a laboratory, Diggy is hooked up to a bunch of machines, as cute nurses examine him. Trying to figure out his swag and how they can “Copy, Paste” Diggy, the lady doctors check his vitals and looks at his stats to duplicate his style. 

MUSIC: Diggy Simmons “Copy, Paste”

Diggy keeps his cool as he sings, “Y’all never stop/keep me on my job/and they be tryna copy and paste me/copy and paste me.”

Take a look at the sneak peek of “Copy, Paste,” below!