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When will the lies end, and when will the truth begin?

Or does it even matter in this world where the truth isn’t sought and lies are perpetuated? 

Rumors have been swirling that Jay-Z has had a love child for years now and now that the kid in question is 10 years old and Beyonce is expecting her first child, Jay-Z’s love child story is making news waves once again.

It came out that the man, Jerald Andrews, who accused Jay-Z of being a deadbeat father to his grandson lied to Star magazine and retracted his whole statement. 

Even the mother of the child in question, Shenelle, addressed and denied that Jay-Z was the father of her son.

Now many of you Jay-Z conspiracy theorists will probably argue that Jay-Z had something to do with Mr. Andrews retracting his statement, but how about we all just think about this for a second. 

Former video vixen Karrine “Superhead” Steffans wrote in her book that Jay-Z was a very meticulous and cautious man when dealing with groupies and video hoes.

Citing that Jay-Z put a condom on before letting her give him fellatio is point number one that Jay-Z is not a sloppy reckless rapper when it comes to his sexual rendezvous. 

If Jay-Z could be so careful when a girl was only giving him fellatio, why would he be reckless with another random woman? 

Now, I know sh*t happens, but Jay-Z’s a pretty smart guy who knows the trouble a baby mama could bring to his life and rap career. 

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But if Jay-Z did get a girl pregnant 10 years ago, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal for him to have to deny a baby.

Let’s be for real, almost every rapper over 25 has a child, so why would he leave an adorable little boy fatherless for the sake of preserving his name and image?

Jay-Z always raps about missing his father and how being a fatherless child affected his life. 

I don’t think Jay-Z would want another child to suffer the way he did growing up without a father. 

In “Momma Loves Me” Jay-Z raps about how his dad left him and how he’s struggled to move on.

“Momma loved me/pop left me…momma raised me/pop I miss you/God help me forgive him I got some issues.”

As the years have passed, Jay-Z has found it in his heart to forgive his dad in “Still Got Love For You,” but as we all know the pain is still present.

“Seemed sunny outside/still rained on Jay/pop you my umbrella/come help your son with the weather/Soon we come together like man and man and build/play spades, cards face up/I’ve come to deal.”

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After everything is said and done, I don’t think Jay-Z would have the audacity to deny a child for 10 years. Nothing is that serious. 

Jay-Z’s been wanting to be a father for so long and now that he and Beyonce are expecting their first born, we should respect them and their impending parenthood. 

So until proven otherwise, let’s let Jay-Z be the father he always wanted to be. 

~Brittany Lewis

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