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“The Way You Move” is every R&B lovers dream. 

Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and T-Pain linked up to create a sexy R&B bedroom banger. 

“The Way You Move” is definitely a boom boom room song to play for your lady or man. The R&B trio all express their love and interest for a particular lady in a seductive love tale. 

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Ne-Yo kicks off his bedroom banger singing, “She working honest but she say it’s on a temporary/ It’s been 3 years and she’s still here and I was kinda scary/Say she don’t wanna dance forever … my face like/Why? Why?”

The “Prince of Virginia,” aka Trigga Trey, drops a little bit of his R&B/rap swaggoo on “The Way You Move.”

Trey sings, “If this club was the sky,You’re the brightest star/You like playing fair… on that pole like/What? Drop a couple stacks on you that’s none Hundred after hundred … a n*gga ain’t fronting.”

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Both R&B crooners Ne-Yo and Trey Songz have been busy making mixtapes. 

Ne-Yo has been working on his forthcoming mixtape 101, which will be hosted by comedian Kevin Hart. 

Trey Songz has been working on a dual hip-hop/r&B mixtape. #Lemmeholddatbeat is Trey’s hip-hop mixtape and Anticipation II is his R&B mixtape, both of which drop November 1. 

Trey’s also working on his fifth album Chapter 5, which is slated to drop sometime in late 2011, early 2012.

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