The “Occupying Wall Street” protest is entering its ninth day as young people demand change to U.S. economic policies they believe favor the rich, while the poor continue to struggle. 

STORY: The 411 On Occupying Wall Street

Protests continued this weekend, as police arrested over 80 people. Things turned so ugly, a video was released showing NYPD officers pepper spraying and tackling protestors.

As Reported By UPI:

“Morale is as high as it can be,” Guy Steward, 18, told the amNew York newspaper.

The Occupy Wall Street movement’s ranks have grown, he said, despite what he called “mass police brutality” Saturday when about 80 people were arrested as they marched from a park in the financial district, where many had been encamped for more than a week, north toward about 3 miles to Union Square, a large public square off Broadway.

The National Lawyer’s Guild, providing legal assistance to the protesters, said more than half of those arrested were released Sunday and the rest would likely be freed by Monday.

Witnesses told the New York Daily News they saw three stunned women collapse on the ground screaming after they were sprayed in the face with Mace, or pepper spray.

Like our Egyptian brothers and sisters who made Tahrir Square their place of change, this is our call to action. Click over to to see how you can help.


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