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Jay-Z isn’t just a businessman, he’s a business, man. 

Rapper Jay-Z announced today that he will be putting on eight concerts for the opening of the new Brooklyn Nets stadium, set to open in 2012. 

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Jay-Z, who is also the co-owner of the Nets, took the team formerly of New Jersey and brought them to his hometown of Brooklyn. 

Jay said he will be putting on a series of concerts that may or may not feature his wife Beyonce, which he wouldn’t reveal.

By the time the stadium opens, Beyonce will have given birth to their unborn child!

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Jay-Z fans know what kind of concerts jigga man puts on. We can expect lots of cameos from hip-hop’s finest artists, as well as a few cameos from his pop/rock friends.  

All access passes to the new stadium are rumored to start at $15K a season. The Barclay’s sponsored arena is set to officially open September 28, 2012. 

We can’t wait until Jay-Z officially brings the Nets to Brooklyn, but until then, we can’t wait for his and Beyonce’s baby!