A couple of days ago, this picture was floating around of Beyonce celebrating the birthday of her grandmother-in-law.

There was no sight of Jay-Z, but it looks like the Carters and Knowles families united and enjoyed cupcakes, all while sailing the seas on a swanky yacht. 

PHOTOS: Beyonce Tells Mama Knowles, Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me

The mommy-to-be seems to be having the most fun lately and has shown no sign of slowing down.

A behind the scenes video of the diva’s L’Oreal Paris True Match commercial hit the web and Beyonce dished on her interesting diet.

The starlet says, “I’ve been drinking celery, watercress and spinach leaves for three days…”

VIDEO: Beyonce Thinks Jay-Z Smells Bad

The commercial was shot pre-pregnancy, so we’re sure King B has switched up her diet, now eating for two.

Catch Beyonce practicing her French accent and being plain ol’ silly in the video below!

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