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The saga continues. A moving truck was spotted outside of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore‘s home today in Santa Monica.

Gossip Cop reports that they asked the moving company, Wetzel & Sons, about what they were doing at the couple’s home, but the movers refused to comment.

VIDEO: Sara Leal Says She Has Second Thoughts About Sexing Ashton Kutcher

As we reported earlier today, Sara Leal admitted she would have never slept with Ashton Kutcher if he didn’t tell her that he was separated from his wife Demi Moore.

This is all sad news and now if one of them are moving out of their home, it would come as a shock to the world.

As for now Demi is still @Mrs Kutcher, so at least on Twitter the love is intact!

What do you think? 

SOURCE: Gossip Cop