After last night’s dramatic finale of Jersey Shore, it’s hard to imagine any of the cast members growing up and becoming parents one day. But, it looks like parenthood might actually be in the near future for one of them!

We just caught up with J-Woww and she dished on all the drama, spray tanning Snooki‘s ass, being the first roommate who will get married and Snooki’s plans to pop out babies!

Scary thought right? So, what kind of a mom does J-Woww think Snooki would make?

Check out our exclusive below!

GlobalGrind: What’s happening, girl!?

J-Woww: Just got my nails done. They have to look nice and pretty for this weekend.   

You tweeted a couple of days ago, “Do you want to know what spray tan I use when spray tanning Snooki’s butt?”  Is that one of your selling points?  Is that what’s moving this product off the shelves, is that people know it’s the same spray tan that goes on Snooki’s backside?

I actually am not sure. It was coming down to a lot of my fans were asking which color was that, who’s product is that, and I said, ‘To be honest, that’s my product.’ It’s coming out and a lot of people do like it.  I take my endorsements very seriously and especially with Australian Gold, when it comes to endorsing those products, I make those products. I’m sitting there, I’m testing there, I’m making sure it’s what I would use on myself and my friends before I put it out there. 

I don’t want anyone turning orange!

You’ve got the new perfume. What does that smell like? 

Very tropical. When I think of what a woman should smell like, I think of a light, fresh… not like a fruity smell, but just something really light and fresh; no musk, nothing like deep aroma – something that you can wear day and nighttime. I just want a fun, light, tropical smell. 

We appreciate that. But when we watch Jersey Shore and we look the room you share with Snooki, it’s a mess and it looks like it stinks.

No, her side’s a mess. I love her to death, but if you notice, I’m OCD with cleaning. You’ll see all my shoes lined up underneath the bed. I don’t make my bed though until late afternoon. That’s my problem. 

How are you guys doing? You’ve have had a rough couple of weeks on the show.

Doing good. But that’s what a best friend is for. When you look at best friends, they don’t sugarcoat anything. I would never want my friends to sugarcoat anything for me, I want them to just be honest. I feel like that’s a real friendship.

What you guys filmed has already happened a couple of months ago. Have you and Snooki had a big falling out since then?

That’s a wait and see, but she’s still my boo and she’s still my best friend and I still love her. But yeah, we’re unpredictable and that’s the best thing about our show.

Do you guys forget sometimes that you have cameras in there? You watch these episodes and Snooki gets all caught up and hooking up with Vinny when essentially she’s cheating on Jionni.  

Oh I know. We do. When we go into filming, within 24 hours, we forget about the cameras. They’re just there. Sometimes you’ve got to catch yourself and think, ‘Oh, what I just did, possibly could be on the show.’ You never know. But we don’t change our day to day living because of that. There’s no way to. We just have to be ourselves and hope for the best and at the end of the day, 495 Productions creates the best show.

We saw you guys at the VMAs not too long ago. Roger was there. Jionni was there. So it seems like all the relationships are still intact today.

To my knowledge, I think Nicole and Jionni are still together, yeah.

This past week Vinny put you on blast. He said you would be the first one to get married. Since Vinny put it out there, is it a conversation that you and Roger have had?

Yeah… we kind of put Roger on blast a little bit. Vinny’s whole concept of me getting married was because I’m the oldest. Ewww, I’m only 26! I still have a couple of more years to go. Roger doesn’t want to rush anything and he’s in his 30s, and he wants us to enjoy just being together and me enjoy my career. That’s the best thing about him, is he wants me to put my career first.

We know who everyone in the house thinks is going to get married first. Who do you think in the house is the first one to get pregnant?

(Laughs) Not me! 

Who do you think that could happen to, guys or girls?

Nicole is dying to have little babies. So probably her.

Assuming that you would be a godmother, right? 


What kind of mom do you think Snooks would be?

I think she would be the ultimate mom, but she would be their best friend and dressing them up in little leopard dresses or the boys would be in little track suits that match in the same color. She would just pimp her kids out. They would look so cute.

Shout to our boy Hyla for the interview! Follow him @Hyla

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