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It’s unfortunate that Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian couldn’t make their relationship last, but this divorce news has left us with more questions than answers!

STORY: Cuz You Wanna Know: Details Of Kim Kardashian’s Prenup

After living in not-so-wedded-bliss for 72 days, Kim filed for divorce Monday morning, confirming that the rumors her marriage to the NBA baller was on the rocks, were indeed true.

Kris is reportedly devastated by the divorce and was “blindsided” by the whole ordeal. 

STORY: Kris Humphries Blindsided By Kim Kardashian Divorce

Here are 10 burning questions that we have for the soon to be ex-Kardashian about his time in Kim’s limelight.

From Kimmie’s bedroom performance to his mama’s reaction, there is just so much we need to know from Mr. Humphries!

1. How does your mom feel about all of this?

In comparison to the Kardashian clan any family can seem like saints, but did Kris’ family take a break from basking in the bliss of wealth, while clinging K&K engraved glasses at this lavish ass wedding, to give Kris the side eye off camera? Because they should have.


2. Who really bought the ring?

Kris Jenner is up in these streets claiming that the ring isn’t worth the $2 million that the media claims it is. Tell us the truth Humpty, did you drop a whole year’s salary on the rock? Or was that a stage prop?


3. What did you know about Kim that you didn’t learn from TV?

Lil ‘ol Kimmy yields millions of search results when you type in those 13 letters, so how could Kris not know that this was Kim’s second “holy” matrimony? Did he not pow-wow about this shit with his boys? Was no one around to put in some social networking investigative work? He needs a team of better people.


4. Can Kim throw it back?

We know from her Prince encounter that Kim can’t really shake what she is carrying in the trunk area, but tell us Kris, was she able to throw it back? Has she learned anything from having her sex game critiqued by the masses on her rise to sex tape stardom?


5. 72 days. Was it worth it?

All Kris had to do was play the victim, have a wedding and then get a measly divorce to go from the Nets Bench to the front of almost every magazine. Was it worth it?


6. Kim pops up at your bachelor party? You tight?

We would be.

7. Do you want that ring back?

The man is unemployed and a free agent. We recommend he get a hold of that ASAP.


8. Would you tatt her name on you to let her know its real?

Maybe the speculation would be put to rest if he took Drake’s advice and tattooed Kimmie’s name, just to let us all know it was real.


9. What is your eyesight like?

We all saw the divorce coming from the moment that package with the ring arrived via UPS. How could you not see it coming?


10. Who could you possibly date next?

It’s hard to date after getting married to one of the hottest chicks in the game. Beyonce is on baby lock and quite honestly the only place one can go after dating Kimmie is down. Name one person Reggie Bush dated that has mattered since. Our point exactly.

What would you want to ask Mr. Humphries about his time on top?