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Welcome back to One Time 4 Your Mind where we get you ready for the weekend with a rundown of the craziest/funniest stories out of D.C. and the important stuff you need to know for when you’re kickin’ it with friends, classmates, co-workers, or that cutie you met during the week. Let’s get right to it…

One Time 4 Your Mind – October 28, 2011

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy:

As much as I’d like to sit here and write about Justin Beiber’s baby’s mama, there are much more important issues to discuss in the world. Like Herman Cain’s terrible mack game. Rap legend Big Daddy Kane was the first to say it, but “pimpin’ ain’t easy” for Herman Cain either.

This week we learned that the married African-American Republican presidential hopeful has a history of sexually harassing his employees. Politico revealed that during his time as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the late ‘90s, two female employees filed complaints against Cain for making unwanted sexual advances (and a third woman considered it). Cain continues to deny the allegations, accused Rick Perry (another Republican presidential hopeful) of leaking the story, and is now threatening to sue Politico for reporting it.

While the facts speak for themselves, conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Skeletor twin Ann Coulter believe it’s all some big, racist, liberal media conspiracy to keep the former pizza man down. Rush Limbaugh pointing out racism makes about as much sense as Ben Roethlisberger giving out dating tips.

Regardless, Herman doesn’t seem to be hurting too much from the allegations. He’s still running neck and neck with the odds on favorite, Mitt Romney, in recent polls of Republican voters. Go figure.

Don’t Go Dumb, Oakland:

The occupy protests in Oakland saw even more violence yesterday and resulted in over 100 arrests and 8 injuries (5 demonstrators, 3 police officers). Over 7000 demonstrators filled the streets of Oakland to peacefully protest the growing economic inequality in the country among other issues. Things turned ugly as police in riot gear clashed with what city officials referred to as “a small group of isolated individuals” who broke into an empty building, set fires, vandalized property and attacked officers with rocks, bottles and firecrackers. When the fires burned out and the tear gas dispersed, local businesses and municipal buildings were left with thousands in property damage. On a positive note, it’s been reported that several Occupy Oakland supporters have chipped in to help clean up the mess left behind by the vandals.

I’ve visited Occupy Wall Street on behalf of GlobalGrind.com probably twenty times by now and, while I can only speak for those in NYC, I must say that the vast majority of protesters I’ve met have been friendly, sane, patriotic individuals who simply want to see improvements to our democratic system. These are college kids, high school students, activists sleeping in tents night after night, volunteers from other states, and just regular people who are jobless and/or homeless and hoping that speaking out for their cause will help make something happen. Some are realistic, some have ideas that would only work in a utopian fantasyland. Whether we agree or disagree with these men and women near Wall Street, in Oakland, and throughout the U.S. it would be a shame to see the peaceful demonstrations of several concerned Americans, who have every right to speak up, overshadowed by the violent actions of a few.

Occupy Oakland Turns Into A Violent War Zone (PHOTOS)

Blame It On The A-A-A-A-A-Alcohol:

Rick Perry a.k.a. Ricky Rosé (rosé, not “Rozay”, is a type of wine) gave a crazy speech in New Hampshire the other day that left a lot of folks wondering if this guy really was sippin’ on something before stepping to the podium. I joked about the Texas governor coming off like a drunk version of George W. Bush a couple weeks ago, but based on the footage he just might be hitting the sauce for real. Just like Cain’s ridiculous campaign ad last week, highlight videos of Ricky’s speech have gone viral.

Keep it here next week for the latest news in politics, minus the B.S.

Jon Gardiner

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