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Kendrick Perkins is Wiz Khalifa skinny. 

Well not quite, but the NBA big man did drop 37lbs in the off season.

Kendrick is in the best shape of his life after his team the Oklahoma City Thunder were one series away from the NBA Finals last year. 

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At the end of last season Perkins checked in at 298 lbs, but now she’s a slim and trim 267. He told reporters:

“I just worked hard this summer. I was disappointed in myself last year in the playoffs. I don’t like to blame anything on injuries but at the same time, I was out there so I should have made a difference,” Perkins said. “I just wanted to come back healthy and give it a shot … and just to show what I could do and be more productive.”

Perkins is hoping the weight loss will help him jump higher and move quicker. It’s looking like there might be a new favorite to take the NBA West. Kendrick continued:

“I was just eating whatever I wanted. You have to change up your diet a little bit. But there was a lot of things that was healthy on the menu that I actually liked,” Perkins said. “I feel a ton better. … It’s just a sacrifice you’ve got to put in.

“You’ve really just got to be honest and look yourself and look yourself in the mirror and go from there.”

Do you think this will help the Thunder or hurt them? 


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