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Several months ago we reported that YSL won its case against shoe designer Christian Louboutin, when the French footwear designer went to court seeking an injunction against YSL for selling shoes with red bottoms.

The red bottom is a signature Louboutin thinks he invented and trademarked in 2008.

STORY: Louboutin Loses Battle of Bloody Bottoms To YSL

The courts sided with YSL and everyone thought that was that, since the judge ruled that no one should have a monopoly on the color red, and that Louboutin’s trademark may be invalid.

You’d think that would end things. Think again.

NY Mag is reporting that Christian Louboutin is appealing the court’s decision which will drag the case into 2012. Lawyers for both parties are expected to duke it out in court on January 24, 2012.

Do you think the red bottom should be a one-designer-only signature? 




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