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Bei Maejor is keeping out of trouble, but he’s certainly mesmerized by a beautiful woman. 

EXCLUSIVE: Bei Maejor Loves Getting Into Trouble, His Music, & Surprisingly Loves Oprah

Bei stands wearing an OBEY scully cap and an American Flag draped over his head, as he sings about the spell he’s under. 

Don’t worry about Bei being mesmerized, as soon as the lady fans watch this video, they’ll definitely be mesmerized by Bei. 

As flashing lights and a colorful spectrum flash across your screen, you’ll realize why Bei is a artist you should definitely be looking out for this year. 

NEW MUSIC: Bei Maejor & Nelly “Trouble” Remix

Bei’s forthcoming EP Upscale is set to be released sometime in the upcoming months. 

In the meantime, take the time to get “Mesmerized” by Bei in the video above!