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Not only does the NYPD spy on Muslims, but they also spied on Rev. Al Sharpton in the wake of the Sean Bell shooting in 2008.

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According to the Huffington Post, an NYPD informant infiltrated Sharpton’s National Action Network meeting on May 3, 2008, a week after a Queens judge acquitted three detectives of the fatal shooting of Bell in November of 2006.

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According to the informant, in the meeting Sharpton vowed to “stop the city” with acts of civil disobedience at major transit hubs during the afternoon rush hour of May 7, 2008.

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The informant reported that Sharpton said, “We strategically know how to stop the city so people stand still.” Nearly 200 protestors were subsequently arrested on that day.

According to the police document, the informant, who was identified not by name but by a five-digit number given to him by the department, provided the NYPD with a detailed description of NAN’s protest plans, including the names of prominent African-Americans set to participate, the locations where protestors would gather and the number of demonstrators who would offer themselves up for arrest.

The intel the informant gathered found that-  “On Saturday, May 3, 2008, at approximately 1500 hours (3:00 pm), Priority Targeting Unit Confidential Informant #… stated that he was present at a meeting held at the National Action Network where the following topics were discussed.”

The document did not say where the meeting was held or who attended.

The document also does not specify whether the informant was planted by the department and regularly assigned to attend National Action Network meetings or whether he happened to attend a single meeting and report on it to the police department.

Here are some of the findings the informant reported to the NYPD:

“(A)t 1500 hours, there will be several staging locations for acts of civil disobedience,” the document reads, listing such prominent black officials as Hazel Dukes and Rev. Herbert Daughtry as “captains” in charge of two of the protest sites.

“The source reported that it was estimated that there were approximately 50 persons who could be arrested at each location,” the document said.

“All persons are to respond at 1500 hours to the staging site and 1530 hours, the Site Captain will announce the location where the act of disturbance will take place. The act is to occur at 1600 hours.

“The source reported that all persons participating in the act of disruption will kneel down and pray at the location where the act of disobedience will take place.

“All participants have been instructed not to resist the police and to have only one piece of identification.”

Sharpton has not responded to the findings but we’re sure he won’t be surprised. As of late Sharpton has been hosting his own show on MSNBC, “Politics Nation with Al Sharpton” weeknights at 6 PM est,  we’re sure he’ll address the spying on his show.

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