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I’ve been desperately waiting on Chris Brown’s comeback for about a year now. There’s been a few attempts made but it still hasn’t happened. With all of his talent, professionalism and good looks of course, I’m beyond confused as to why he hasn’t come back full throttle. I know I’m not the only one who loves him. As I mentioned we all know he looks good, but more importantly I’m infatuated with him because he makes incredible music and he’s talented beyond belief.

We all know he made a mistake. He has even admitted it himself. It’s not like he’s lying to us about the incident. Rihanna and Chris have both come clean about it in hopes of moving on from the situation. So why haven’t we let it happen yet?


Rihanna was the victim in the situation so of course we all felt bad for her. We were hoping for her to make a comeback and show how quickly a woman could bounce back after going through a traumatic situation. We were so involved in Rihanna’s comeback that we forgot about the other talent that needed to bounce back as quickly as possible in hopes of not ruining his career.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Chris since his first album. When his sophomore album, Exclusive, came out I fell even deeper in love. His music is so good because I can relate to it. This is what I look for in every artist–can I really feel what they’re saying? With Chris, I can. Since we’re about the same age (his first album came out my senior year in high school) I feel like I’ve grown up with him. His music has been the soundtrack to so many events in my life, the good and the bad.

I’m not willing to give up on him because of the mistake he made. Yes, it was a serious mistake and I don’t take that lightly, but I’m all for people learning from their mistakes and changing. Celebrities make mistakes everyday. T.I. just got out of jail and he was there because he made a mistake but he recognized what he did wrong and he bettered himself afterwards. Why can’t we allow the same for Chris Brown?

I think what made this situation so bad in particular was that we all perceived him to be the perfect boy next door. We lived vicariously through his and Rihanna’a relationship. They seemed picture perfect until they weren’t. Everyone was disappointed to find out the truth but who’s to say Chris can’t change? He’s already proven that he has. Why are we trying to keep him down, what message is that sending? We should encourage positive changes, not black-list him forever.


I don’t understand how Chris has become the type of celebrity that is more popular for his wardrobe and personal life than his music. His mixtape ‘In My Zone’ which came out back in February was full of hits but since it was a mixtape it didn’t reach his more commercial fanbase as only deep hip hop fans usually know about and download mixtapes. As many radio stations still won’t play his music and MTV refuses to play him as well, how can we expect a full comeback anytime soon? We know he made a mistake-we get it, but when are we going to be able to let it go? Banning him from a number of different commercial outlets which in any other situation would be useful for his promotion is only setting him back further.

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