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Kiss my LIPS!

Dev is back with an all-new video for her catchy single “Kiss My Lips.” But this time, she brings the heat with one of Brooklyn’s finest: Fabolous

VIDEO: Dev “In My Trunk” 

The colorful video, which was obviously inspired by the song’s title, vacillates between scenes of Dev performing the lusty lyrics, images of creative lipstick patterns and a swagged out Loso, if you ain’t already know so!  

Dev sings:

“Get your hand off my hips / and kiss my lips, kiss my lips / kiss me all over / are you gonna take that risk / take that risk / cause we’re only gettin’ older.”

MUSIC: Dev & Enrique Iglesias “Naked” 

Fab fires back:

“You pay your cards right / you might get lucky tonight / brings the vampire out / I suck and I bite.” 

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