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Now that the long awaited Hunger Games have hit the theaters, bringing our wildest literary fashion dreams to life, we get to bask in the glory of all things Capitol beauty.

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While the 12 districts of Panem weren’t too big on the fashion side of things, the glamorous residents of the Capitol were all about basking in the glory of all things bright, glittery and over the top.

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We’re talking post-apocalyptic America here, so we may have a thing to learn from the dwellers of the future. Keep a close watch for the 4 beauty lessons that we learned from those around our beloved tributes.

1. In Post-Apocalyptic America, Nail Art Is Still Cool

Effie Trinket may not have been Katniss’ biggest ally from the start, but one thing we cannot deny is the reaper’s admirable Capitol fashion sense, in particular, her fierce nail art. The fashion-forward Effie’s job is to escort the tributes from District 12 to the Capitol, but not without keeping her manicure in check. The media trainer keeps her nail designs fresh with metallic gradients and 3D artwork.

2. If Your Facial Hair Looks Like Fire, You’re Doing It Right

The head game maker Seneca Crane was played by Wes Bradly, but there was hardly any concentration on anything other than his flame inspired facial hair. Aside from President Snow, there are very few men working anything other than well-manicured beards. Fellas, take note. Beard shaping may be all the craze soon enough.

3. Fluorescent Makeup Isn’t Just For The Runway In Panem

In addition to her fierce manicures, something Effie Trinket and the other women of the capitol mastered was their immaculately applied neon makeup. From eye shadow to eyebrows and lashes, the women … and sometimes men – like Cinna who sported a swipe of gold liner on his lashes – of the Capitol were never the type to shy away from adding a little spunk to their look with colored makeup.

4. If You Are Forced To Fight To The Death, Wear A Braid

Katniss’ side braid is not intended to be a fashion statement, but is definitely worth a mention as she taught us one very important beauty tip: if you need a hairstyle to last through firebomb attacks and days of deadly combat, go with a simple side-French braid. It didn’t fail her, and she got the guy.

Which one of The Hunger Games fashion trends would you be willing to try?

Check out the gallery above to see the best Capitol beauty trends.

May the beauty odds be ever in your favor.