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Rima Fakih dodged a bullet in her DUI case. The most serious charges against the Muslim beauty will be thrown out of court. 

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Former Miss USA Rima Fakih finally struck a deal in a suit that could have landed her behind bars for 93 days.

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TMZ reports:

“Fakih pled no contest to misdemeanor driving while visibly impaired … stemming from her arrest in Detroiton December 3. In exchange, prosecutors have agreed to drop the more serious charge of operating while intoxicated.
 Sentencing is scheduled for May 9 — Fakih faces up to 93 days behind bars.

Fakih’s blood alcohol level was more than DOUBLE the legal limit … and claim she had a half-empty bottle of wine on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat. Cops also say Fakih was disoriented and was slurring her speech after she was pulled over for speeding and weaving through traffic.”

Rima is almost through this difficult time. Let’s just hope she can avoid jail time all together and learn from her mistakes.