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Converse and Missoni, two paths we never thought would cross. But they have, and the outcome resulted in pure summertime footwear bliss.

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The Chuck Taylor got a Missoni style makeover that will have a habitual heel wearer digging in her pockets.

The collaborative shoe boasts the classic Chuck Taylor build with a touch of Missoni’s signature panache in the form of a must have high-end sneaker.

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The signature zig-zag of Missoni features space-dyed knits and cotton for the adventurous souls within.

The limited-edition sneakers are retailing for $200 a pair, but a classic Chuck is always a good additive to any fashion collection. 

Remember how quick Missoni’s last collaboration with Target ran out? Well, we foresee this collection doing the same. 

Check out the gallery above to get a closer look at the sneaks, and head over to to cop a pair before they end up in the eBay Bid-o-sphere.