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The Bad Girls were back in action in this week’s episode of The Bad Girls Club. This week  was a tad bit milder for the girls, who were focused more on being lovers than fighters. But don’t think that all the special attention the girls were getting stopped them from going at it with one another. There was plenty of roomate battles between the girls. Check out The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Episode 7!


The Good

There was a whole lot of loving, going on in this episode. Fresh off of their Jamaican vacation the girls all seemed to have recieved some one on one attention. Erica’s new boy toy Adrian visited the house and got grilled by the roomates. While Danielle gets hot tub happy with her Man of Steel. Danielle also gets a little friendly with Lea and her friend who steam up more than just the shower. Of course Brandi wasn’t too far away happily watching from the sidelines.


The Bad

The girls were surprised to see Kayleigh when they returned home from vacation. Although Kayleigh thought she was bad girl enough to stay in the house despite being hated, the girls were determined to prove her wrong. Brandi, Kristen, and Lea were the leaders of team ‘go home kayleigh’. Maybe it was having used feminine products thrown at her bed, or having her things thrown into the water but Kayleigh finally got fed up with The Bad Girls Club, trashed Kristen’s stuff and made her final exit.


The Ugly

The bond between Bad Girl BFF’s Lea and Brandi comes crashing down this episode. With the exit of Kayleigh and Cat, bad girl Kristen needs someone to be her buddy and she has her sights set on Lea. This makes Brandi, who doesn’t hide her adoration for her roomate, extremely upset. In typical Brandi fashion she has a fit ruining a night of partying for the girls. Once they arrive back at the house, Lea and Brandi get into an argument.

This is only the begining, the girls settle their problem for the evening until the next day when Brandi and Lea get into it again. Lea claims that Brandi is selfish and Brandi thinks she is being replaced by Kristen. This all comes to a head when Lea flips out after Brandi brings up her affair with a married man, and throws all her things from the second floor, and decides to switch rooms.

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