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Rye Rye is usually all about that go, pop, bang, life, but since linking up with Tyga she’s getting physical with “Shake, Twist, Drop.” 

NEW VIDEO: Rye Rye “Boom Boom”

The Baltimore rapper released what appears to be her second album single “Shake, Twist, Drop,” featuring the Young Money rapper.

The Neptunes-produced track features Rye Rye rapping, “My pants are soaked/so where’s my shirt/ I don’t know what you came to do/I came to work.” 

VIDEO: Rye Rye & Robyn “Never Will Be Mine”

“I’m looking your eyes/looking at your behind/pull your pants down/baby it’s hammer time,” raps Tyga.

Over the past few weeks, Tyga has definitely been on his grind. Besides releasing videos for his own music, Tyga’s been featured on Far East Movement’s “Dirty Bass” and his protege Honey Cocaine’s tracks.

Rye Rye’s debut album Go! Pop! Bang features Porcelain Black, Tyga, Akon, Robyn and of course, her big sis M.I.A. and is set to hit store shelves May 15.

Take a listen to “Shake, Twist, Drop” and tell us what you think in the comment section below!