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Yo Yo Yo Yo, now that I have you punk ass blogheads’ attention I’d like to start by saying white Biatches are the SHIT, no disrespect to my Nubian Goddesses. But I have to say in my travels I’ve found that if you want to ROCK OUT with your COCK out Becky and Amy really know how to party like it’s 1999. One thing that we can attribute to the election of Barack Obama as our 44th president is that Jungle Fever (interracial dating) has increased by 65% in the African American community; now when you ask a brother “what the hell are you doing with that white woman?” his response is “I’m trying to make the next president”.

I’m not trying to hate on my sisters nor am I trying to disrespect my culture I’m just somewhat irritated when I hear people hate on black guys who date white chicks, or when brothers get mad when they see a bad ass black chick with a corny white-boy. My point is, whatever makes you happy you should rock with it and not let the pressures of society kill your happiness.

I once told myself that I could freak off a white chick but never fall in love with one, until I met this Italian chick that had the best outlook on life. We met after she did a stint in the Peace Corps; she was serving in Africa the same time I was getting popularity from the Chappelle Show so when we met she knew nothing about Ashy Larry or Beautiful the Pimp, she only got to know me for myself which is a rarity when half the country knows you as Mr ‘I’m Rich Biatch’. Sometimes I would say to myself ‘I’m the only dude that would meet up with a white chick who spoke Swahili’—she probably knew more about African culture than Queen Latifah. I guess what I’m saying is that you don’t have to be the same color to have total respect for someone, respecting their values and their morals is always a good start to a good relationship or a good jump off!!!!!! Play how you wanna play, screw who you wanna screw, just don’t hurt nobody, no disrespect Chris Brown.



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